OrthoServ has developed cutting edge partnered with leading providers of technology based orthotics solutions including Mobility Ideal Health, CuraFoot 3D and Promote O&P.


Rx Intake:

The intake of prescription from our clients’ prescribers include complete analysis of the patients needs and mapping to the appropriate devices, HCPC Codes and ICD codes with detailed explanation of the purpose of the device to address the diagnosis. This enables the system to generate a detailed Letter of Medical Necessity/ Work Order.

Payer Rules Engine:

An algorithm driven payer rules engine enables fast routing of prescriptions from Intake to Fulfillment through the necessary controls required across over 100 payers for whom the system includes rules.

Order Fulfillment Workflow:

The in-built workflow system allows the cross functional team to complete the necessary order fulfillment activities ranging from rapid scheduling of deliveries for off-the-shelf inventory items to coordinating with multiple 3rd party labs for custom orthotics to managing deliveries across a range of options from shipping to pick-ups to custom fitment as required for the device type and also based on our clients and their patients needs.


Proactive Clinical Recommendations:

Our team can draw inferences from ORxION to provide prescribers with proactive clinical recommendations for patients factoring their clinical necessities and also advance analysis of the patient’s payer’s rules.

Prescriber/ Facility/ Organization Dashboards:

Weekly and monthly dashboards can be emailed across the various levels within the organization providing timely information on the state of the DME solutions for our clients patients.


3D Scanning:

For custom orthotics, OrthoServ has partnered with the global leader in 3D printed clinical orthotics, CuraFoot 3D to use their iPad based 3D scanning platform and custom orthotics fulfillment solution for AFOs, Shoes and Inserts.

Orthotics Evaluation System:

Our client level teams are equipped with a strong diagnostic process designed by Mobility Clinic, a leading provider of O&P services in the US with offices across NJ, NY, AZ and NV.