To provide a seamless experience to patients and our clients, our operations embed directly alongside the client’s operations. We provide an end-to-end lifecycle of services from the receipt of a DMEPOS prescription to the fulfilment to providing a “Super Bill” to our clients’ billing departments. This includes a full range of patient management activities, back-office functions and order fulfilment services as below:

Clinical Services

On-premise Orthotics Evaluations

OrthoServ will provide trained resources at your clinical establishments to support your physicians with the ability to offer patients comprehensive orthotics evaluations including gait analysis to help address the underlying functional issues as well beyond offering accurate solutions for immobilization and stabilization.

Custom Orthotics using 3D Technology:

Our staff are equipped with state of the art 3D scanning technology solutions and we are partnered with leading custom orthotics labs to enable us to offer your patients custom orthotics including Scoliosis Braces, AFOs, Custom Inserts et al.

In-clinic Adjustments:

Given our model to support our clients with on-premise staffing, we have the advantage to provide comprehensive fitment, modification and usage training leading to the opportunity to also use Adjustable Codes for Braces rather than Off-the-shelf Codes which are subject to reimbursement at competitive bidding rates only.

Back Office Services

Medical Necessity Documentation:

Every RX received by your dedicated OrthoServ back-office team will be reviewed against patient notes and an accurate Letter of Medical Necessity/ Written Order will be generated using our OMS System to provide supporting documentation for billing and audit purposes.

Prior Authorization & Pre-certification:

Be it a Medicare patient for whom a Same & Similar needs to be performed or a patient needing Custom Orthotics, our Payer Rules Engine and PA Staff will ensure we complete all the necessary processes for each individual payer prior to dispensing devices to minimize denials.

Billing Support:

Your dedicated back-office team at OrthoServ will package all the necessary documentation and provide the same to your billing department along with the right ICD Coding mapped to the HCPCs Coding for the devices.

Order Fulfilment Services

Inventory Management:

Our robust systems and processes allow us to minimize inventory at our client locations and keep your inventory holding costs to a minimum. We will provide your Finance Organization with invoices from the product vendors after we validate them against the stock received.

Drop Ship/ Delivery on Next Visit/ Delivery Pick-up:

OrthoServ uses a special algorithm to ensure we manage both patient expectations and meet payer guidelines to ensure we reduce TAT in the fulfillment process. We will ship or schedule deliveries with patient co-terminus with doctor appointments or simply offer for the patient the convenience to pick-up devices based on individual requirements.